Hiroshi Kato

The Olive "Anvil" 13oz Loose Weave Plaid Shirt Jacket by Hiroshi Kato

$248.00 $388.00


Featuring the heaviest version of the new Loose Weave Plaid, this 13oz fabric carefully walks the line between shirt and jacket. The bold plaid pattern and loose weave is reminiscent of fabrics popular in the 1970s. “The Anvil” is that piece you took from the closet of your dad's RV and doesn’t miss a beat in your daily rotation.

Kato meticulously crafts “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket using a 3D pattern. Usually, tops are cut from two-dimensional patterns. With these 2D patterns, the front is sewn directly to the back. “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket introduces side panels as the third dimension, allowing more control over the shape of the garment. This result is a garment with an impeccable fit. As always, “The Anvil” Shirt Jacket features vintage-style rounded chest and hand warmer pockets, cat-eye buttons, and Nylon lined cuffs.

Fit - considered slim

Content-  Cotton 100%

Button sleeve placket

Made In USA


M -   Across chest - 22"         Front body length - 29 1/2"     Sleeve length - 35"

L -   Across chest - 23 1/4"    Front body length - 30 1/8"     Sleeve length - 36 5/8"

XL-  Across chest - 24 1/2"    Front body length - 30 3/4"    Sleeve length - 37 1/4"


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