“Bloke” is British slang term for an ordinary chap. Blokelore is all about The Royal Bloke; however, he is anything but ordinary. He sets himself apart from other blokes by valuing everything that makes him…well, uniquely “him.” The Royal Bloke is a risk-taker, a visionary, a joke-smith, a pleasure seeker, a fun-loving adventurer…a sophisticated rogue that enjoys playing it a little rough around the edges. His tastes run the gamut from tee shirts and distressed denim to bespoke suits and hand-crafted accessories. He enjoys a good duck confit but prefers a hamburger. Getting the picture?

Being a Royal Bloke allows you to sport around in many different worlds. And why shouldn’t you? Now… how to pull off the right “looks” for your adventures? Going pub crawling tonight? Meeting up with the gang for a refined Sunday brunch?  Or perhaps you’re grabbing your girl for a weekend getaway or a fortnight abroad? What, what, what and when, when, when..well, The Royal Bloke is here to help you select not only what to wear and when to wear it, but also to provide you with an aced selection of essentials that you can’t find in just any shop! This is what separates the blokes from The Royal Bloke.

We promise to make it simple. We want to make it fun. We hope you follow The Royal Bloke as he makes his way through the world of fashion, season by season. Enter and embrace change. “Go” and “do” to your heart’s content and dress like you mean it! Now that’s what we call brilliant, mate!